Intro to Twitter: Choosing an Avatar, Bio and composing your first Tweet

In this second video in our Twitter for Educators series, we take you through the creation of your twitter profile.  There are a few steps to remember when creating a professional and attractive Twitter profile.

Twitter Photo:

Although there is no required size for your Twitter photo, it is best to use a photo that is a square image between 300×300 and 600×600.  This allows you to have an image that is large enough to show some detail when viewing on a larger screen.  When choosing a photo, remember that you are choosing the first image that the world has of you and remember to “Dress for an interview.”  You don’t need to wear a 3-piece suit, but you also don’t want to use a photo that is unflattering.

Creating your user bio:

You only have 160 characters to tell the world who you are.  Keep it short, keep it honest, and most of all, keep it positive.  This is your gateway to building your PLN.  Creating a poor user bio might result in many educators not choosing to follow you. Create a strong bio and you will find it fairly easy to surround yourself with many friends from around the world.


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